“The utility industry is my field of concentration…”

Roger Cates was just coming onto the utility scene 10 years ago when AMI was the new buzzword. “It’s been really exciting to watch the industry change and grow along with the innovative technologies since then.”

And he’s been growing right along with the industry. “I’ve been on both sides of AMI. First working for a utility and walking through the AMI implementation process with them, and later working on the design and installation end. I feel like this gives me a unique perspective on the whole process.”

Still, AMI isn’t the only area of technology that Roger enjoys. With training and experience in networking, security, and web design, he may be able to assist you in more than one area. “Computers have been something I’ve enjoyed since my TRS-80.  Now, I like to keep up on the latest technologies and help companies and individuals stay on the cutting edge.”